We're currently crowd-funding (and recording!) our 3rd album!

After the release of ‘Goodbye To Love’ in 2016, we were delighted to receive reviews from multiple sources (inc. Ryan’s Gig Guide, Sonic Shocks, Louder Than War) which stated that it was “DARKER” than our previous album release, ‘You Deserve To Be Here’ (2014)

HOWEVER, we strongly feel that it is time to get ‘darker’ still, with an album which musically, lyrically and visually explores the concept of a psychopathic psychiatrist.

'Doctor Doctor' SYNOPSIS:

Dr Clint Faker is a psychiatrist with his own twist. As patients present themselves to him, he appears at first to be admirably attentive: he collects detailed notes and seemingly never forgets a word spoken to him. However, his intentions are not to improve the mental health of his psychiatric patients.

Dr Clint Faker - who also takes the name of Katelyn Frost when he's dressed as a woman - experiences a personality disorder himself: psychopathy.

This disorder has treated Dr Clint Faker well throughout his life, the superficial charm and above average intelligence has enabled him to maintain authoritative positions. However, he unfortunately cannot control his impatience with his in-patients; he gets bored very quickly and 'the devil makes work...'

The nuggets of personality which he gathers from patients are used to play moves in a convoluted mind game, which it is impossible to prove as happening and can lead to the destruction of the mind. Clint Faker theorises that the challenges which the game presents are 'good for' the patients, and that it is a test which they should be able to handle if they are to remain worthy of existence.



"The Robin 2 is filling quite well now as the first band hits the stage, The Roz Bruce Infusion, a three-piece Midlands based band that have brought quite a following with them tonight, led by Roz who apart from vocals plays a mean Strat kicking out some superb riffs and solos.

They mix wahwah/fuzz driven rock with punky overtones and distinctive vocals and produce a highly likeable and infectious sound.

With some standout tracks like ‘Social Freak’ and ‘Secret Life’ which see Roz displaying her guitar skills and at all times backed by the solid and tight backline they set the scene and the tone for the evening."

"Lead-lady, Roz, is a formidable musician, playing her guitar like a female Hendrix (including briefly playing the instrument with her teeth), and yelping like Siouxsie (of the Banchees) at times. The rest of the band are darned good musicians too. The style is guitar-mangling alternative / psychedelic rock. Lyrically, she’s a bit of social commentator, for example, with songs dealing with socially difficult situations and alcohol problems. The frantic final song, “Wicked While”, is particularly impressive. The band has an album coming out soon."

"The wah-wah gives her music an intense 70s psychedelia but her riffs dip into bluesy rock and lyrics trail into disconnected melancholy." - Electric Banana

"Roz nearly knocked me off my chair with her dark, twisted and beautiful songs." - Off Beat Magazine 

"Roz Bruce - plays like Hendrix, looks like a dream" - Nik Turner

LOVELY REVIEW OF 'YOU DESERVE TO BE HERE' FROM LOUDER THAN WAR: http://louderthanwar.com/the-roz-bruce-infusion-you-deserve-to-be-here-album-review/#sthash.DDf04KRW.gbpl

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